Why do we not offer all inclusive packages that pick you up from the front door of your house and include travel to and return from?

Because budget flights within europe are so cheap why would you want us to buy one for you and mark it up?

Because there are flights into Bordeaux from so many other European airports that finding one to suit you is easy. Why make it complicated by inserting us in the process.

Because people who book our self-guided tours are independent- minded, with more than enough wits to get themselves to the first hotel in Bordeaux, Those who cannot may be the customers that we would rather not have.

Why do we not offer  half-board ‘packages’?

Because we live in France (at least until Brexit and the Gendarmes kick down the door) and know that one of the great pleasures of visiting France is taking a stroll around town early evening to peruse the menus and ambiance on offer. It will hardly cost more than a meal that has been booked for you by us and it puts you in the driving seat.

Because if we were to book you in to the hotel restaurant and the waiter for you table is a grouchy old b—— you would be stuck with him/her for the nights you had reserved half-board. NB We would never book you into such a restaurant unless you had seriously annoyed us by email.

Because we are happy to suggest where you might like to dine. We spend our winters testing restaurants so that you have the benefit of up-to-date evaluations. Personally,I would rather eat pie and chips but my sense of duty forces me to sample the best cuisine de terroir  …..HOWEVER if you prefer to dine Al Fresco we have some great recommendations for where to purchase and where to picnic. and if you wish to budget now for dining out in France,  ask and we will give you our latest data.

Why do we not offer GPS packages?

Because we have learnt over the last decade  that the more items you add to a bike the more that will get lost, broken, left in hotel rooms, maladjusted, run out of battery life. We figure that few (surely that is none?) of our customers cannot read a map (2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional  surface). We always walk through the route with our guests when we meet up with them on their arrival. We encounter smart people every time. Much smarter than us. But we have done this many times so we usually have the answers to the most common questions.

Are the hotel or Chambre d’Hote rooms always en-suite?

Yes, those of us to able to claim having first visited France  more than 50 years ago can well understand this question as we remember a France where the plumbing was not-dependable and  still trying to catch up with  the rest of Western Europe. Some of our guests have done ‘yurop-on-5-dollars-a-day’ in their distant youth. But times change and now all our rooms are en-suite and, dare I say it, that some of the Chambre d’hotes that we use have smarter bathrooms than our hotel’s own. But do not hesitate to ask the question anyway.

Will be safe on the road routes where demented French drivers …?  generally we have found  that French drivers  are far more considerate of cyclists than others in Europe. Possibly because