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5 best entertainments for children

22 Nov 17
Graham Davidson
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First of all because it requires the least effort is the Jardin Public with its carousel, Punch and Judy, ducks to feed and space to run around in. 500m from Quinconnce and maybe 750m from the Tourism Office

Second but only just – the Skate park  on the riverfront where other people’s kids risk life and limb to entertain passers-by and those who take a ringside seat to watch the action

Third: the Mirroir d’Eau just across from the Place de La Bourse If too old to enjoy water play without embarrasment then let them use your camera to capture the magic photos on offer.

The fourth has to be the ferry to Lormont. it may not be very long  but thyen that is part of its attration

The 5th – if its open must be the Base SousMarine down by the Bassin a flot

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