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5 best cafes in Bordeaux

22 Nov 17
Graham Davidson
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This is not, repeat not, the 5 cafes with the best dining or the most up-scale clientele or the most  extensive wine-list. This is a list of those cafes that excel at being places to linger, watch the world go by and indulge in a little fantasy life in which you are meeting Catherine Deneuve later for dinner and earlier you had lunch with  Jean-Paul Belmondo.

And he insisted on paying.

Numero Uno. Utopia  because it is a successful mix of community- lead cinema and streetside cafe.  About 100m from Rue St Catherine  – turn left onto …..

Secondo Au Reve on Place de Marche  de Chartrons which despite my regular falling-outs with the waiting staff has the right combination of ambiance, clientele, and drinks prices. Not that the drinks prices are an issue when J-P is paying.

Number three: Down the other end of town is a split decision: in the square around St Michel there is


Fourth: On Place Gambetta



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